This Celestite pendant has a smaller piece of AAA Amethyst attached to it.


Pictures taken both indoors and outdoors.


Choose the color of your cord and its length. The black cord is a tiny bit thicker than the rest.


We offer two lengths:

1- Approx. 25" total length and about 24" to pass it through your head to wear it so please keep this in mind. This may be more suitable for ladies.

2- Approx. 29" total length and about 28"to put it though your head.


By default we use 29" 


Not waterproof


Celestite is a softer crystal that works with the Hypothalamus Gland Energy in the brain and the Heart Energy to create Understanding.  

It’s frequencies enhance the flow of Heart and Hypothalamus frequencies with each other, quickly creating deeper and enhanced frequencies of Understanding.


Amethyst’s frequencies are similar to those of the Source Field which flows through everything, especially the brain.  It helps your own personal frequencies flow into the field.


Amethyst, Citrine, and Silver work well with it.