Price is for one Iolite stone.


Soft tumbled means it is rougher than polished.


Below are the characteristics of this stone. 


There are different sizes available:

SM: 15-20g

MD: 22-29 g

LG: 32-40g

XL: 45-50g


Our current large (this listing) Iolite's energy characteristics are:


1) Helps your mind connect with the Source Field (some call Akashic Records) to access information readily available to anyone who makes it there.


2) Pineal Gland activation/exciter.  It stimulates the Pineal Gland and it's field.


3) It's a mental relaxer, helps the mind calm down to either relax or access any/all of their metaphysical abilities.


**Soft tumbled Iolite is a little stronger, quicker acting, than highly polished.  Raw is a little stronger still.