Signed by Jay Arae Essex.


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This is the basic description and illustration book for all the symbols in the "J'Arae's Runes of Awakening" card deck. These cards allow you to have a conversation will all your guides as well as tell you when you need to activate which of the different energy centers (chakras) within your body.


These Rune symbols includes the Elder Futhark Runes from the Viking days as well as others never seen on this planet. There are 56 cards in total. You will only find these symbols, this information, here. They were made specifically to assist you in your awakening and brain development by teaching you about your different abilities as well as when to engage which ones. These symbols are relative to the energy focal points that Jay evolves in everyone's brains during his daily consults.


These cards will stimulate your metaphysical abilities allowing them to grow stronger, faster. No other card deck will help you develop your abilities like this deck. Jay has had over 10.846 trillion lives, his last was Gandhi. There is an official QEEG report which proved he can stimulate (awaken) your brain from across the Atlantic Ocean. Find out more on the YouTube Channel "Jay Essex". The Rune cards ARE NOT included with this book, but you will learn the new symbols and their meanings as well as the new definitions of the Elder Futhark. The meanings of these Runes are relative to your awakening. There are 56 cards in total. To purchase the Rune Cards, visit "" Become your full self, who else should you be?