The Spiritual Foundation supports and encourages a cruelty free lifestyle. We avoid the use of materials such as leather, silk, suede, feathers, mother of pearl, etc.


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On our special Celestite Eggs we add Paypal fees (like on our spheres) unless you have a Paypal account and can send the payment, after we send the invoice with shipping and handling included, straight from your account. Paypal does not charge any fees when payments are sent from one accunt to another.

Handle with care

This is one of the 7 pieces of Celestite that Jay put a piece of his Strong Source Field Spirit into.

If you relax with it, it will take you into the Source Field to help you find information that you are looking for. You will need to specify your intentions, just have it in your thoughts as you relax.

You will not find anything about the future, only the past and present.

Use it to connect with your spirit guides, loved ones, etc.