To understand more about Star Essenite and other stones check out this video


You can request a bigger piece when you place an order using the "Add a note" text box in your cart page. Then we will invoice you with the requested weight.

Star Essenite holds Gaian, Gaeiran, and Star energy. Over 50% being Gaeira that is why it is a bit stronger on female spirit energy. Gaeira is the biggest and oldest planet to ever exist.


Dragon Egg Star Essenite also holds those three energies but over 50% being Star (that of R'Ol, Gaeira's spirit mate). This is why it is a bit stronger on male spirit energy.


High Crystal Star Essenite (along with other forms of Star Essenite -like Dragon Egg Star Essenite) is the strongest stone you can find in this planet, and the ones we sold in this shop have been cranked up by Jay Essex and Dianimal making them even stronger. You won't find stronger Star Essenite and its variants anywhere else

Color and texture varies. The color of the stone will be randomly selected depending on availability.

You can request a bigger piece.