The listing is for one Terra Jasper pendant with a bare copper chain that measures approximately 24.5 inches in leght. 


We refer to this Jasper as Terra Jasper for its earthy relaxing energy. These are not perfect slices of stone so if you mind irregularities this may not be the pendant for you. Complementing the energy of this Jasper is a piece of Black Tourmaline.


About the chain:

It is manufactured in the United States. The balls are solid copper and the links in between each ball is brass.

The solid copper will patina (darken) over time. This is natural and not a defect. Some like it, others don't. Use a polishing cloth or cleaner (homemade or commercial) to keep it bright.  When new and unfinished, it will be bright and shiny like a new penny. Over time, copper develops a patina and darken into a warm brown color.


By the time you receive your pendant the chain may look different than in the pictures. These were taken before the tarnishing process started. We include a piece of anti-tarnish paper inside the packaging to slow down this process. We like using copper because of its high conductivity.


All of our stones are cranked up by Jay Arae Essex and Diana Dianimal