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Those reviews without stars were submitted before we had a star rating system in our submission form. These are  personal experiences shared by some of our customers. 

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Josh from Suffolk, England.  Loose stones:  Thank you Diana, the little drawings and touches you made to the packaging and description cards were really sweet. I was actually quite blown away by how strongly some of the crystals affected me. I do naturally feel things quite easily, but I am quite new to applying this to crystals. Mere moments after holding and beginning to meditate with some of the stones I felt areas of my body start to unblock. It was unmistakable. The danburite caused an energy line in an old injury area of my left foot to throb almost painfully as it cleared the channel. Very affective! The Citrine also had a strong effect. I found the star essenite was also extremely effective but worked on a different area of my body. Afterwards I felt relaxed in a similar way to when I spent 2 hours in a hot spar/sauna recently. I mention All this in detail because I wasn’t really expecting to feel anything/much from them before I received and tried them. I hadn’t really known if them being ‘cranked up’ would make a difference to how I felt them or how they interacted with me, but clearly it makes a Massive Difference, and so I wanted to explain my experience in case it helps others to be inspired to try them for themselves. Thank you again to You and Jay, and Lots of Love :)

  • Anonymous from USA. Alpha Dragon Crystal Vision Sphere:  Wow!!! This is extremely powerful and personal. I know this sounds weird though it feels like an old friend/companion. Far exceeds my expectations. Packaging and presentation are meticulous and magical. The special additional gifts are a treat! I am delighted. Thank you for your generosity. I love what you do!!!

  • Luann A. from USA. Alpha Dragon Crystal Vision Sphere: This is the second sphere I've ordered from the Spiritual Foundation. I'm never disappointed with the products I've received from this source. This arrived very carefully packaged and included generous and thoughtful 'surprises,' along with a very heavy sphere. I have the feeling, no matter how much money I spend, I always come away feeling the money I spent on the transaction was paltry compared to the deep love and understanding that went into preparing my order not to mention the powerful energy of the stones themselves. Thank you Jay and Diana! This feels like a little piece of star blazing away on my bedroom bookshelf.

  • Flor D. from USA. Spheres (Physical Healing sphere, Spiritual Healing sphere, Max Dragon sphere, Alpha Dragon Crystal Vision sphere): What else can I say than being in awe? You are the TRUTH You are the Protector, Thank you!! I'm understanding the great scale of things more than I have ever imagined. My heart overflows in an abundance of gratitude, peace, love, and joy. Muchisimas muchisimas gracias Diana for making the Lapis Lazuli necklace for me. Wearing the Lapis Lazuli necklace and carrying the Star Essenite stone with me empowered me and I lost the fear of speaking and being in crowds. Much love, deepest appreciation, respect, and gratitude to every one of You. Thank You for who you are and all that you do for every being in the universe.

  • JJJ from USA.  Necklaces: Beautiful hand crafted necklaces that help you feel wonderful!

  • Diane B. from USA. Stones and generator cluster:  Excellent quality and very thoughtfully and personally crafted. I have been completely satisfied with every order I have received. The orders have been prompt every time and I have been very happy with every stone I have ordered. I highly recommend The Spiritual Foundation for all of your stone needs.

  • T.P.J from England. Max Power Full Body sphere: If the max intensity power sphere is like an old blast furnace, the max power full body sphere is like a nano-engineered energy distribution system. Awesome.

  • T.P.J from England. Personal sphere: feels very special and strangely familiar.

  • T.P.J from England. Physical Healing sphere: is physically refreshing and creates heat in any number of hands near it.

  • T.P.J from England. Spiritual Healing sphere: feels high vibration, felt as warmth or tingles.

  • T.P.J from England. Relaxation and Joy sphere:  is sweet rather than intense. It strengthens the heart beat and compassion.

  • Crystal Deva from Australia. Personal sphere: My Personal Sphere “Deva” I call her, is to assist me with strengthening my whole self, my health was at a tenuous point, my Fae being wanted to go home, and the Human Essence was not happy being here. Being highly sensitive and mostly out of body, I needed the PURE Source Energy to assist my Physical self to become stronger. Sphere Deva gives me joy and stability, supporting my Hyperthalimas Heart Pineal and whole self, I am grounded on GAIA and look towards releasing negative thought and patterns. I feel Protected by Jay-ARAE and more Powerful overall I look forward to assisting others. I recommend having a Sphere to those that choose this new path to a clearer and loving human. A journey towards our True Spirit. Love Light Peace for Humanity and GAIA and Creation..

  • Gerardo Bermudez from USA. Spheres (at the time of this review) I did purchase two spheres about 3 months ago and I have been enjoying the benefits of these powerful awakening tools.
    First couple of days I could barely sleep due to the intensity of the energy in the room, lucid dreaming and astral experiences  became either more constant or easier to remember. When I use the spheres to relax I get very good benefits on daily life as to have a better Awareness of my surroundings and better focus at work. (Better communication with my spirit guides I feel). I definitely recommend to anyone that really wants to become their true self to get at least one of these wonderful awakening tools, not only you but everyone living in the house will greatly benefit from it!

  • J Rich from USA. Spheres: When I was asked to write a testimonial about the spheres at The Spiritual Foundation, the first response that I had was ; "How much time do you have"? Because, I could talk about them all day! This is not an exaggeration nor a ploy. It is a fact. "I could not live without my sphere"! It's that good! It's that revealing! Furthermore, the combination of the "crank up" and the sphere are DYNAMITE! OTHER WORLDLY! If you want to "wake up" at an increased pace, you are at the right place! Search no further! 

  • Why do I have to wait for an invoice instead of paying for my order when I place it? We need to calculate the weight and volume of your order for shipping. We are new to rates here in Europe and unfortunately we can't offer free shipping to the usa anymore. We also realize shipping has increased considerably so we are assuming about half, if not more, of the cost. When you place an order please wait until you receive your invoice (PayPal invoice sent via email, so make sure it is correctly spelled). Don't worry if it takes some time for you to receive it. Take into account time zone differences depending on where you live. We are now located in Spain. Please check that your shipping address is correct and complete, otherwise you will not be able to receive your order and you will be responsible for the loss.

  • Can I have my order shipped to a different address if I want to send it as a gift to someone else? Of course, just fill in the shipping address where you want it sent to. We don't include the invoice in our packages and our orders are nicely packaged.

  • Do you have any social media? No, we don't have any pages such as FaceBook, Instagram, etc. so beware of any account with our name. They are not legitimate. A new valid, ET Media is coming soon.

  • Is the TSF related to the new ET Nation about to happen? Yes, we are founders of it.

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