DNA ICUCs (DNA Intensive Crank Up Consults) 


DNA ICUC with one person is $1200.00 

DNA ICUC with two people is $1500.00 

50 min. session on video-call

To find out more about these DNA ICUCs check Jay Arae Essex YouTube channel


Please read and understand the following:


 These consultations are for Personal Advice & Spiritual Awareness.  They can be entertaining (fun) but are not given as a form of entertainment.  They are the understandings and knowledge of Jay Arae Essex and to be received as such.  Once you’ve received his information it can neither be removed nor taken from you.  Therefore, you’ve already received what you paid for.  When you make an appointment it is taken as fact that you understand this. 

As the future is always changing, Jay never makes any claims in his consultations about precise time related events or even that they have to happen as currently seen.  Understand that the consult might be recorded for everyone's best interest.  Please make your own recording of your consult.  Jay isn’t able to do that for you anymore.  He explains more than a physical brain can absorb on its own.

Any and all energy work you receive from Jay during your consult with him is also understood to be free, not part of the paid consult itself.  He’s known worldwide (and farther) for his metaphysical abilities.  As time flows, your abilities will grow as long as you use them.  You can’t drive a car if you never put the key in it.  Jay wants only the best for you.  He will help you understand who you really are and how to appreciate your true self. 

Each consultation is considered an event.  Purchasing an appointment is like purchasing a ticket.  If you don't show, you receive no refund.  The event was not cancelled if you don't show.  There are no refunds but Jay does make allowances by giving you an appropriate amount of Star Essenite in lieu of the consult, should you later decide to refuse the appointment after paying for it.  Either way you will not be left empty handed.