This newest sphere is made with the addition of newly found stones containing frequencies relative to the Energy Vision Field which acts like a focusing lens, just behind your forehead.


It energizes all your visual related energy fields, their connection to each other, and to your Vision Field as well. 


All these energy fields are cranked up as well as their connection to each other. 


It's the most powerful and intricate sphere Jay has ever built for vision and the first one he has ever built relative to increased vision from all the major fields within the human body.


It's relative to physical sight (the brain's occipital lobes) and the Solar Plexus, Heart, Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Scanner, and the three Crown energy fields, all at the same time.


Contents:  Dragon Egg Star Essenite or Star Essenite, Selenite, Almite (Azurite, Lapis & Malachite), Unakite, Picture Jasper, Vision Field Jasper, Purple-Blue or Blue Aventurine or Iolite, Hypo-Vision Field Jasper, Pit Jasper or Pit-Vision Field Jasper, Pit-Scanner Jasper and other stones not listed.


Spheres cranked up by Jay Essex & Diana R. Anaya ("Dianimal")

Our spheres at The Spiritual Fdn are by far the strongest you will ever find anywhere. Also they are the only ones with the combination of stones put together by Jay Arae Essex. No one else has the full list of stones to make these spheres.


These spheres will never lose any of their energy. They do not need to be "charged" ever or "cleaned". People have different reactions to their spheres when they first receive them. If at the beginning their energy interferes with your sleep, start by placing them outside of your bedroom until you get used to their energy. 


All Sphere Stones Are Wrapped In Pure Copper Foil

-Wooden base not included-


  • *Only applies to the spheres sold here at The Spiritual Fdn. 

    •    Each sphere is a precise mixture of the stones required to produce a specific effect within a Human body.  Each sphere is named after the specific function its created for.
    •    The sphere housing is plastic, an acrylic sphere shell with a gold colored plastic base.  These 3 parts are superglued together before shipping to the customer.  Do not pry them apart as the plastic almost always breaks.  
    •    There are always stone chips and minute crystals as well as larger pieces inside.  If the pure Copper sheeting is opened, you’ll have a difficult time putting it back together again.    
    • *note* - “These stones are specific to the person by quality and quantity.  Even their placement inside the Sphere is of importance.” 
    •    Once completed, each sphere is imbued with Source Energy, particularly those frequencies necessary to perform its intended objective.  Each sphere is “cranked-up” by both Diana and J’Arae, even after Jay’s back home as Arae again.
    •    Jay infused his property with his own Source Spirit; part of him will stay there.  All products made there by Diana and The Spiritual Foundation will be cranked up by part of Arae as well as the physical individual who created it.

    Jay Arae Essex