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Price per piece of rough Sodalite, sized by weight. Stones from different sizes may look similar in the pictures depending on the volume of each piece. Looks may be deceiving but weight is not.


The picture showing sizing also serves to get an overall idea of the dimensions of the stones in the specific listing, since their volume by weight will depend on their density (stones such as Pyrite, Garnet, Bornite, are very dense, so despite the amount of grams, the stones will be smaller in size than it may be expected)



SM (8–12g)

MD (15-18g)

LG (21-30g)

XL (35-40g)


Sometimes you may find that your stone weighs more than what's stated on the listing. That's no mistake. We like adding some extra here and there. 


The perception of the colors of the stones changes depending on lighting (straight sunlight, shade, artificial lighting) and its surroundings (for example, in pictures taken outdoors some stones will reflect the sky adding a blue hue to the reflections). Sometimes it is hard to capture the exact colors. We want to show you the stones under different conditions so that you get a better idea of how they look. This is why you'll see contrast between pictures (in some stones is more visible than in others).


Listed below are the conditions under which these Sodalite pictures were taken:

-Straight sunlight

-Sprayed with water



  •  Sodalite – Activates and strengthens the whole brain, especially related to vision perception and production.
  • (The Auric Expressions of Different Frequencies) Dark Blue – This Aura has deep wave lengths and is a little less than medium in wave length. Its wave length edges are smoother than citrine. This is the frequency of affirmations as well as the pineal gland. In the human brain it’s relative to seeing multi-dimensionally as well as strength of speech. Deep Blue is also the auric expression of strong fortitude. That’s what it takes to see from inside a physical body through the Pineal Gland multi-dimensionally. 
  • Light Blue – This is literally the auric expression of hope. Try light blue and orange together for a better feeling. It’s not as deep a wave length as dark blue, it is also a little softer, like comparing Larimar stone to Lapis Lazuli. Light Blue and White Auras are found inside Angels and Essengels (Half Essence-Half Angel beings). Larimar, Hope Jasper, and Turquoise have it.




PriceFrom $12.00
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