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  Our stones are cranked up by Jay Arae Essex and Diana Ramirez Anaya ("Dianimal") For those of you who don't know about Jay, he's internationally known for enhancing the metaphysical abilities of others as well as increasing the physical size of their brains. He is also working with scientists to prove that he changes and evolves your DNA working with his energy.  He's often called "Creation's Historian" due to his ability to see into the beginning of time as well as the lives of others. You can find his three books packed with information about it and much more. This information you won't find anywhere else.


  Bellow you can check one of the results of his QEEG test (quantitative electroencephalogram) which scientifically proves, for the first time, his abilities (as well as yours) are real. There will be more tests backing this up. 


  Like Jay explains stones are to our energy like vitamins are to our body. The stones that Jay Arae Essex cranks up are incredibly strong. By his request Diana ("Dianimal") also cranks them up. Diana's Source Energy is predominantly Animal. Her strong fortitude comes from being an unusual 40% of Jay's (Arae) raw strengthOur stones are the strongest ones you can find since they are cranked up by Jay Essex and Diana. She is the strongest Source Spirit from Arae & Lily in a body. The only one stronger than her is her sourcemate, who is out of body. Once Jay is no longer in his body he will continue to crank up any new stones The Spiritual Fdn acquires. 




The QEEG is also known in popular terms as a "brain map". An electroencephalogram is a report on electrical activity within the brain that provides detailed information about brain function. The report is produced by an important biomedical device called an electroencephalograph. A Quantitative EEG differs from a traditional EEG in that it performs an extensive set of computerized statistical analyses on the collected raw EEG data. This provides the clinician with a great deal more specific information about brain function than a traditional EEG.

 To  the left side of the image you'll find the subject's test info (Martin in Sweden) and to the right you'll see the results when Jay is cranking Martin up from Atlanta, USA

Jay Essex QEEG 1
Jay Essex QEEG 2
Jay Essex QEEG 3
Jay Essex QEEG 4

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



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"The future timeline for all the events you’re about to read here (book 3), as well as those mentioned in the rest of my books, is dependent upon Arae having returned home to the Other Side early enough to set up the introduction between ourselves here on Earth and our ET friends in a matter most comfortable for everyone.  

Today is May 28th of 2018 and he should have returned already.  He’s the only one capable of changing Creation’s format and creating these events.  They will happen quickly after his return.  

The timeline presented in this book will begin upon the death of the Jay Essex body, freeing Arae from his prison. "

After publishing the books Jay became aware of important new information that needed to be included. This affects book 1 & 3 of the Creation Series. For those who already bought the books you have this information available below. Also some corrections were made:

Book 3:

  • Basic Numerology- corrected (pg 335) File available for download

  • Dates: 01/26/2018 to 01/26/2015 (pg 74)

                October 17, 2018 to October 17, 2017 (pg 102)


All information is copyrighted



After waiting for over a month for the editor to return an improved copy of the book, it was useless. Jay was in a hurry to leave the book published so there was no time to proofread the original copy back then. We are aware of typos and they will be corrected once Diana does the proofreading, rewriting  and publishing. For now the book remains as it is.