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This book finally explains the actual birth of Creation in both its physical and metaphysical forms. It includes how the first being came into existence, all the Spirit beings (sentient energy) which came from it, and the reason for them. It further explains how the physical Universe was created, how dimensions were formed, and the chronological order of these events.

No where else will you find the answers to life’s most basic questions whose answers have remained elusive throughout time. It even explains which came first, the chicken or the egg. Is there a being that we call God, a heaven or hell, and have we had any lives other than the ones we’re having now? How is a Soul put into a body, who does it, where does it come from and where does it go? What is a Soul anyway? Does anyone run our lives and if so, how and how much of them? What different types of Spirit inhabit the different physical bodies we see every day, and are there others we don’t see?

This book is about the how and why of the birth of all Creation, who’s in it, how they get along, why it was made this way, how and why it’s changing, and what’s coming very soon. The Author, Jay Essex, is known worldwide for his knowledge of Creation, ability to talk to all Spirit and using his energy to enhance and enlarge people’s brains and abilities across the planet all from his home in Duluth, Georgia.

Jay is world renowned for enhancing other people’s abilities as well as their brains which tend to physically grow in size. He does this remotely from his house in Georgia. Jay says we’re all family and it’s time we realized it.

BOOK I (signed)