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This is the second book of the Creation Series. Book I explains how Creation started, everything that was in it, and how it all happened in great detail. Book II is about how all of Creation was controlled, how it acted upon that, and then grew in a stressful environment.

There has just been a great war in the Second Dimension which completely redefined our existence and our upcoming futures. This is relative to your existence as free Spirit beings as well as while you're having a life in body. Learn about the six different ages of life on this planet, Atlantis and Lemuria, who settled here from other planets, the origins of Greek Mythology, and much more.

This book also explains why things are as they are today, where we are headed, and what we are now becoming. Creation's format has been reversed. This is a permanent change, not a political strategy. With these two books you will understand where we all came from, how Creation was built, and where we are going individually and as a family. No one else has ever released this information as they were never able to see or allowed to retrieve it.

The author, Jay Essex, has proved to numerous people and government agencies world wide that he has abilities never heard of or witnessed before. This enabled him to retrieve the following information, by actually being there re-witnessing it all while still being here. He also talks to the two different parts of a being's Kundalini, the Spirit of the Planet as well as the body's visiting Spirit, who you mostly are.

This will change the way everyone views all religions and answer the questions that no one has every been able to until now. Who are we? Where did we come from? Who is God? What is Spirit? What came first, the chicken or the egg? It's actually quite simple. This book is about your history, the development of your own singular Spirit as well as how it was abused since the beginning of what we call time. It's time for you to have this information. Don't you think so too?

BOOK II (signed)