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This is the final volume of the Creation Series, three books which detail the birth, life, and current evolution of Creation. Creation is about to increase in size, beyond the limits and understanding of anyone's physical brain. Everyone's DNA is changing but for the few who pursue it, there is a way to hyper-evolve yourself through the DNA ICUC now; made available by Jay Arae Essex in 2012. There are events just starting and about to materialize not only here on Earth, but everywhere. They are discussed and explained in this last volume. Jay has created tools for everyone wanting to awaken their Metabilities, their ability to produce metaphysical functions on a daily basis, beyond any current expectations. The actual flow of your Spirit through your body to maintain and control your Metabilities is discussed here as well as different stones relative to each and all of your primary energy focal points. How are the different glands in your body used by your Spirit to create your Metabilities? Learn how to talk to your Spirit Guides as well as anyone else out of body. Understand how to develop and use telepathy and all your Metabilities. Jay and Diana are very close to many of the various ET families now here on or orbiting Earth. They have had consistent visitations from them for years. There are new schools opening up everywhere to help others explore their natural Metabilities as well as learn to live with our ET brothers and sisters. Your governments will be abruptly changed, dismantled from the inside out. There will also be a radical change in our living standards, almost free food, transportation, medicine and medical attention. As his true self, Spirit, Jay's been around since the beginning. This is his last life and the Creation Series is an accumulation of your true history, how Creation began and developed, and where it's going. Finally, Creation's format of existence has begun to change from abusive to compassionate. Our ET friends are here and about to say hello to everyone, not just controlling self serving governments. Hope is important, but your new lives of freedom, compassion, and equality are a fact. Ready for a ride in space? It's coming.

BOOK III (signed)