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There are two lengths to choose from for this necklace. (We no longer offer extra long on this design).

Regular: Approx. 27 inches long

Long: Approx. 31 inches long (NEW)


Both sizes close with a hook clasp. Once you put it on, we suggest you close the hook tighter carefully just by making some presure with your fingers. Do not bend it back and forth constantly because it may break.


This necklace helps you get rid of bothersome spirits while it also powers up your own energy to help shake those off


Watch video. Please note that the video was made with our previous version but the properties of these necklaces are the same. 


Necklaces are made by order. You will receive a similar one to the pictures.


Stones: Two types of Amazonite, two types of Dragon Stone Jasper, Dragon Scale Agate, Black Tourmaline and Black Onyx.



  • (The Auric Expressions of Different Frequencies) Dark Black – Here is an auric expression of a very long wave pulse that is very shallow and has very smoother edges. It’s strong and can be very aggressive, but doesn’t have to be. It’s relative to extreme anger or condensing one’s personal power. It’s found in Black Onyx.
  • Black Onyx: Solidifies your energy, compresses it, makes you stronger especially in the core.
  • ...many speakers today are already aware of the benefits of Lapis Lazuli for assisting us in talking to others whether in person or on the internet. Lapis not only feeds the Pineal Gland helpful energy, it also has the energy of continuous fortitude in it. Black Onyx has the strongest personal power condensing properties with its Black Aura so, as you might guess, Black Onyx and Lapis together make for even stronger speaking engagements.
  • (Protection) Dragon Stone Jasper & Black Onyx – Dragon Stone Jasper pulls more of your energy into your body while Black Onyx condenses it.
  • (Protection, Clarity, Cleaning, & Clearing and more) Stick Selenite & Black Tourmaline – Stick Selenite vibrates your frequencies harder while Black Tourmaline makes unwanted frequencies slippery and easier to release.
  • (The Auric Expressions of Different Frequencies) Light Green – Here is the frequency of spiritual healing. Its shallow in depth and longer in length than the Dark Green. It helps clear and heal the Spirits within the body, very powerful. This creates and environment for happiness to grow in. Green Aventurine has these frequencies in abundance.
  • (The Auric Expressions of Different Frequencies) Dark Green – Here is the auric expression of powerful physical healing. The heart produces this to attend to physical injuries, the more serious the need the deeper the Green. The Spirit core also adds to this process. Dark green is a deep pulse with a short wave length and sharp edges. A Dark Green Aura’s frequency energy is a thick energy.
  • Amazonite – Increases vibrations while cleaning and clearing problematic frequencies.   Often used near computers and other RFI electronic equipment.
  • Stick Selenite & Amazonite & Labradorite – Stick Selenite vibrates everything hard, Amazonite’s high vibration cleans and activates while Labradorite allows the Spirit Core and Solar Plexus to strengthen while remaining supple. Good for physical electrical interference (EFI) areas also.
  • Kyanite – Helps separate unwanted frequencies within you and set them aside for a slow removal. Tourmaline and Amazonite work well with it.
  • Dragon Stone Jasper – Pulls your energy together, gathers it from outside your body and pulls it in. (making you stronger)



PriceFrom $250.00

    The energy from these stones, as well as the woven steel cable, flows evenly into your Spirit Core. This energy runs up and down your spine, from above your head to below your feet.

    Our stones are the strongest ones you can find since they are cranked up by Jay Essex and Diana R. Anaya (Dianimal). She is the strongest Source Spirit from Arae & Lily in a body. The only one stronger than her is her sourcemate, who is out of body. Once Jay is no longer in his body he will continue to crank up any new stones The Spiritual Fdn. acquires. 

    As these necklaces make you stronger, over time, you may not feel the energy as intensely as you initially did, but their energy remais the same forever. 

    These are heirlooms to be passed down, kept in your family.


    All jewelry is a safety and choking hazard to children. 

    Children should always be closely supervised if they wear any of our accessories. These are not intended for children or pets.

    Our necklaces are now assembled with nylon coated steel cable and are a potential choking hazard for anyone wearing one.  Use Responsibly.  

    The Spiritual Foundation is not responsible for the misuse of any of our products.  

    While the utmost care is taken to ensure that our products remain strong and durable, there is the potential for breakage if care/gentleness with our products is not exercised. 

    Our products contain small parts, which could pose a choking hazard.

    By purchasing from The Spiritual Fdn. you acknowledge full responsibility. The Spiritual Fdn. assumes no liability for injury, medical issues, or death resulting from product misuse. 


    Despite every effort to accurately represent each product's color, variance may occur due to a stone’s individuality, differences in computer or mobile device settings, and lighting.


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