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This Sphere is almost entirely Dragon Egg Star Essenite and Dragon Stone Jasper. This Dragon Egg S.E. powers up your body hard while the Dragon Stone Jasper helps pull your energy together, condenses it.

Contents:- Dragon Egg Star Essenite, Dragon Stone Jasper, and other stones not listed

MAX POWER option is available on this sphere to have more Star Essenite/Dragon Egg Star Essenite added to make it even stronger.


Spheres cranked up by Jay Essex & Diana R. Anaya ("Dianimal")

Our spheres at The Spiritual Fdn are by far the strongest you will ever find anywhere. Also they are the only ones with the combination of stones put together by Jay Arae Essex. No one else has the full list of stones to make these spheres.


These spheres will never lose any of their energy. They do not need to be "charged" ever or "cleaned". People have different reactions to their spheres when they first receive them. If at the beginning their energy interferes with your sleep, start by placing them outside of your bedroom until you get used to their energy. 


All Sphere Stones Are Wrapped In Pure Copper Foil

Wooden base not included


PriceFrom $900.00

    *Only applies to the spheres sold here at The Spiritual Fdn. 

    •    Each sphere is a precise mixture of the stones required to produce a specific effect within a Human body.  Each sphere is named after the specific function its created for.
    •    The sphere housing is plastic, an acrylic sphere shell with a gold colored plastic base.  These 3 parts are superglued together before shipping to the customer.  Do not pry them apart as the plastic almost always breaks.  
    •    There are always stone chips and minute crystals as well as larger pieces inside.  If the pure Copper sheeting is opened, you’ll have a difficult time putting it back together again.    
    • *note* - “These stones are specific to the person by quality and quantity.  Even their placement inside the Sphere is of importance.” 
    •    Once completed, each sphere is imbued with Source Energy, particularly those frequencies necessary to perform its intended objective.  Each sphere is “cranked-up” by both Diana and J’Arae, even after Jay’s back home as Arae again.
    •    Jay infused his property with his own Source Spirit; part of him will stay there.  All products made there by Diana and The Spiritual Foundation will be cranked up by part of Arae as well as the physical individual who created it.

    Jay Arae Essex


    •   Initially hold your hands around the sphere as if it were the center of another sphere one yard or meter in diameter.  Hold your hands in that position until you feel (or see) an energy field.  You might feel it in your hands or somewhere else.  You might also see it in your head or even with your eyes open.
    •    You might feel pressure, heat, or a tingling feeling in your hands, skull, ears, heart, or chest.  People usually feel some form of stimulation within their body or brain but sometimes not.  Some people see images or colors in their mind.
    •    If you feel nothing don’t consider that there’s something wrong with you because that’s simply not true.  When someone’s body is Solar Plexus Energy Orientated, they often have difficulties feeling stone, even stone spheres.  They often “just know” where the sphere energy is, even though they don’t understand how they know it, they just do.
    •    That is the power of the Solar Plexus Energy Field, the strongest singular energy field focal point in our bodies.  The Spirit Core is the strongest energy field in our bodies (a flowing energy reservoir) but the Solar Plexus Energy Field is the strongest individual Energy Focal Point in the Human body.

    Jay Arae Essex


    Here’s the easy part of using the spheres, there’s nothing to do, other than have it within range of your own physical body.  There is an energetic energy radius emitted from each sphere.  Just be within that radius and it works, at night while you sleep and at work or play during the day.  It it’s in range, it’s working.  What’s easier? 

    Jay Arae Essex


    There’s nothing to do here unless you want to clean the acrylic plastic around the sphere.  These Spheres work off of metaphysical energy from Source, Star, and Planetary Essence.  The Spirits involved here put their energy into you, not their Spirit, and we (as Spirit) never sleep.  These Spheres give off their power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, forever.

    A Limitless, Eternal, no Maintenance Metaphysical Energy Enhancement Machine.

    Continuing Generations Enjoy Them as an Inheritance.  What could be easier?  

    Jay Arae Essex

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