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 Our Fortitude Cluster Generator comes inside a glass container that measures approx. 2.5" wide and 2.25" tall along with drilled Black Onyx chips, just like shown in the main picture.


Contents: Star Essenite (both rough and semi-tumbled), Selenite and Citrine, Garnet, and Black Onyx wrapped in copper foil. And Black Onyx chips inside the jar.


The picture showing its contents is an example. Stone sizes may vary but the cluster will be filled up as much as possible. You can see in the last image a picture of a cluster by itself inside the jar to get an idea of the approximate room that is left for the chips.


You can add other stone chips to change the combination of stones in the container. If you add chips to your cluster order you will receive a tin can (2"wide and 0.75"tall) filled with your choice. Just like every other stone in our shop these have been cranked up by Jay and Diana.


Please note that the pictures with the different chips you can add don't represent the amount of them included. Those that are outside of the container are there for you to see them more closely.


When changing the chips in the jar, pour the new chips inside after emptying it. Then put the cluster on top of them, push, and turn it back and forth to move the chips towards the wall of the jar. This is the best way to fit the chips along with the cluster in the container.





PriceFrom $355.00
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