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This is our newest Star Essenite: Ocean Tumbled Crystal Star Essenite.


The shape of each stone is irregular and its color varies depending on the piece. It ranges from tones of white, grey, yellowish and brown. Some stones may have various tones. 


Stones from different sizes may look similar in the pictures depending on the volume of each piece. Looks may be deceiving but weight is not.


You can request a bigger piece when you place an order using the "Add a note to your order" text box in your cart page. Then we will invoice you with the requested weight

Pictures were taken under natural and artificial lighting (over a flashlight both dry and wet to show the translucency of the crystals)


To understand more about Star Essenite and other stones check out this video


Star Essenite holds Gaian, Gaeiran, and Star energy. Over 50% being Gaeira that is why it is a bit stronger on female spirit energy. Gaeira is the biggest and oldest planet to ever exist.


Dragon Egg Star Essenite also holds those three energies but over 50% being Star (that of R'Ol, Gaeira's spirit mate). This is why it is a bit stronger on male spirit energy.


High Crystal Star Essenite (along with other forms of Star Essenite -like Dragon Egg Star Essenite) is the strongest stone you can find in this planet, and the ones we sell in this shop have been cranked up by Jay Essex and Diana, making them even stronger. You won't find stronger Star Essenite and its variants anywhere else




  • Star Essenite came here about 2.4 billion years ago, a little over 2.38 but who’s counting. The Star matter is from R’Ol, Gaeira’s Universal Essence Mate. Then there is also Gaeira’s Planet’s mass (with her energy), and of course Gaia. There isn’t a lot of Gaia’s energy in it but she’s there. When a foreign material comes here and sits on her body’s surface a while, she usually puts some of her energy into it. It’s a natural thing that all Planets, that is Planetary Essence, do. Tektite is an asteroid that came here and has no Planetary Essence inside it yet. Over time it most likely will, that depends on Gaia.

    The 300% Spirit Core power level increase from R’Ol’s Star Matter is relative to your natural singular Spirit Core, without Gaeira’s energy in it. Then there’s Gaeira’s energy which is usually about a 900% percent Spirit Core power level increase, also when your Spirit Core is in its natural state. Gaia is of course in there but you already have her in your body. Remember that these bodies all originated from her and have her energy inside it already.

    I’ve always stated that this stone increases your Core Energy over 1,000% (ten times what it was), and that’s true. That is a low average. In people with a lot of energy already in them, it can increase their power level over 1,600 %. You already understand how this happens, from Gaeira pulling more of your actual Spirit Energy into your Spirit Core, but there are other issues we need to be aware of. Like everything else, more relative input, more complete understanding, better decisions.

    If someone is terminally sick, the amount of extra energy going into them will be extremely low. It’s time for them to slowly leave and their energy needs to be left calm, relaxed, and natural in a quiet surrounding. They’re preparing to enter their normal state which is sentient energy anyway.

    Stone energy is not as helpful here, other than maybe some Unicornite (Bornite, Chalcopyrite, Peacock Ore) as it’s a strong, positive, and protective energy. Unicorns will help take them back home to the Other Side. Unicorn Spirit isn’t just real, it’s clean and powerful.

    When someone is not physically healthy or suffering from malnutrition, only a small portion of additional energy will be applied. People have to maintain a healthy diet, not eating all the right vegetables and that stuff; I’m talking about eating some kind

    of decent food, not starving. Having said that, the healthier you are (eating the proper foods) the greater the power increase into your body.

    When someone is young and healthy, they will receive more energy than a person who is elderly. Their body and DNA are still in a growing, evolving state. As we get older, closer to returning home, the body does not heal as well for the same reason. This does not mean it’s not beneficial for older people, it is. It just doesn’t offer the same high power increase.

    Now we get to a specific target of mine, drugs. Hard drugs are a dead end, period. Smoking pot is something that most people have done but it’s not deadly like hard drugs. If you’re a stoner, smoke much, you will not receive as much benefit from Star Essenite as you should. Your energy increase, providing you’re healthy, will be the max possible for you. The issue here is what smoking weed does to your Metabilities (and much more about this stone in Book 3)


PriceFrom $40.00
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